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Single Server Colocation requirements


This guide provides the requirements you should adhere to before sending your device into our datacenter for colocation. Following this guide will prevent incurring any additional fees during onboarding resulting from Remote Hands or KVM usage. Once you have provided our team the required information you can proceed with sending the server in:

Shipment Instructions

Where do I provide this information?

Once you have placed your colocation order, the information requested below should be provided via support ticket on The following checklist should serve as a guide, with detailed explanations that follow.

  • Out of Band Management (IPMI)
    • IPMI set to DHCP
    • IPMI NIC MAC address
    • IPMI admin credentials
  • NIC Port
    • Primary NIC MAC (optional)

Out of Band Management - IPMI/iDRAC/iLO

All single server collocation devices are required to have out of band management with a dedicated NIC, commonly referred to as IPMI.

Before sending your server into the datacenter, you will need to ensure IPMI is configured to obtain an IP via DHCP.

As part of onboarding, our team will need you to supply the following:

MAC address of the IPMI interface

Admin credentials to IPMI (user/password)

Blanking NIC Ports

If your configuration requires a specific NIC cabled, only that port should left blank to ensure speedy and efficient racking. Adjusting cables after installation will result in remote hands fees. In our standard deployments, we only provide 1 uplink to the internet and therefore only one Ethernet port should be left without a blank.

Example ethernet port blank An example of an ethernet port blank, which looks like the end of a standard ethernet cable formed out of solid plasticLoading...

Primary NIC MAC (Optional)

If you provide the MAC address of your primary NIC, this will enable us to confirm cabling and enable automated OS reloads via our panel. You can provide the MAC address of your primary NIC via ticket.

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